A Special School for social and emotional self-development
The „Wichern-Schule“ is part of the „Wichernstift“, which is a social service  of the protestant church in Germany. Established in 1948, today it includes  a youth psychiatry, a home for senior citizens, a youth welfare service and the Wichern – School:


We teach and support boys with serious social and psychological problems like ADHD and try to give individual help for individual problems. Our students can reach the secondary general school certificate, but our main goal is to reintegrate into the regular school system. To teach 50 students, we are 10 teachers, 3 social workers a secretary and a caretaker. To get us organized we have daily morning assemblies, weekley conferences, supervisions and advanced trainings. We give daily feedback to parents and supervising tutors.
Our school hosts 5-8 students per class. We use weekly time tables and organize individual learning with special recompense systems, token system, card system and feedback forms. The card system at example, developed at our school, works like in football games: Red and yellow cards are used, when rules are injured. Students have to leave the classroom and bring the cards to the „Crisis Office“, where the social workers take care of them. Green cards allow them to go back to class. Separate recreation rooms and yards for younger and older students offer a low conflict enviroment.
Our social workers offer different courses on psychomotor domain, horseback therapy, learn reading and writing, reintegration training and other social trainings.
We take great care on teaching handcraft. For this we have a cooperation with the local vocational school, organize many hands-on trainings  and offer a well equiped workshop with courses on cabinet making and boatbuilding at example.
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